Stay Alive Pack Uses


Stay Alive Pack

Navigating & Signaling Tools

Fire Starter Tools

Ultimate First Aid Kit

Knife and Multipurpose Tools

Shelter & Rain Gear

Extra Straps to attach items

Extra food, water and filtration system

Are you prepared to properly handle an emergency situation?

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Here are some of our most popular items. We offer survival packs and first aid kits that contain an amount of items to accommodate 1-4 people.

Survival Essentials

Our top-rated, top-quality, over 300 piece (87 item) SUPERIOR Backpack to help prepare for 4 people.


  • Includes award winning emergency radio system with options to charge your mobile devices.
  • 72 ounces of water provided in a can, with shelf life of 50 years!
  • The best water filter is provided in the pack that allows you to have 100,000 gallons of clean (drinkable) water!
  • Food supply from The Survival Tabs, 25 year shelf life!
  • Equipped with N95 respitory masks and an eyewear protective gears.
  • Multiple ways of navigating and sending signals for help.
  • Multiple ways of starting a fire and keeping warm.
  • The only emergency pack you’ll ever need.
  • Includes the Ultimate First Aid Pack inside.

Customer Feedback

  •   I used this backpack while camping and it was great. The water filter worked perfectly where we didn't need to open the cans. I'm sure during a real emergency this... read more

    thumb Menva M.

      I went to one of the orientation for the emergency bag. I was shocked to see how many items fit in the backpack. Tamar spent her time informing us about... read more

    thumb Meghedi H.

      STAY ALIVE  is exactly what this backpack will help you and your family in an  unexpected disaster/situation. Do yourself a favor and put away your Mickey Mouse First aid kit... read more

    thumb Ankeen T.
  •   I came across this product through recommendations from friends.  I bought the Ultimate Emergency Backpack and I love it so much.  I know very little about survival stuff so I... read more

    thumb Laura A.

      Thank you CrazyRussianHacker for introducing this gem of a company to me!! I saw this backpack on YouTube and had to look more into it. So I did and I... read more

    thumb Olivia K.

      I bought the Ultimate First Aid Pack and loved it! I work at a school and the first aid I was originally provided with was extremely inadequate. I decided to... read more

    thumb Jessica M.

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