Add-on Packages

Need Add-on’s to your existing pack? Need to Restock on items? Bellow are our Add-on Packages:

Military Backpack


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  • Made of high-density fabric that is both durable and waterproof.
  • Comes with molle webbing throughout for attaching additional tactical pouches.
  • Perfect for multi-purpose backpack which can be used as a 3-day assault pack, bug out bag backpack, or combat molle backpack!
  • Double-stitched and comes with heavy-duty zippers, utility-style cord pulls, side and front-load compression system, a ventilated mesh padded back area & a breathable and comfortable shoulder strap.
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Black, Army Green, Sand

Package 1 – Tablets


a. Ibuprofen (Qty: 5 packets, 10 tablets)
b. Aspirin (Qty: 5 packets, 10 tablets)
c. Non-Aspirin (Qty: 5 packets, 10 tablets)
d. Benadryl (Qty: 5 packets, 10 tablets)
e. Glucose Tablets (Qty: 1 pack, 4 tablets)

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Package 2 – Ointments


a. Burn-gel + First aid cream (Qty: 5 packets)
b. Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Qty: 5 packets)
c. Hydrocortisone Cream (Qty: 5 packets)

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Package 3 – Wound Care


a. Alcohol pads (Qty: 16)
b. Antiseptic BZK towelettes (Qty: 12)
c. Big Trauma Pad (Qty: 3)
d. Non-Adhesive wound pad (Qty: 8)
e. Gauze roll – large (Qty: 1)
f. White tape (Qty: 1)
g. Exam gloves (Qty: 1 pair)
h. Band – aids (Qty: 25)
i. Steri-strip (Qty: 1)
j. Wooden tongue depressors (Qty: 3)
k. Scissors (Qty: 1)
l. Tweezers (Qty: 1)
m. Pack of cotton balls, cotton swabs, safety pin (Qty: 1 pack)

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Package 4 – First Aid -Additional items


a. Sting Relief Pads (Qty: !0)
b. Ammonia Inhalant (Qty: 5)
c. Nextemp – thermometer (Qty: 5)
d. Cold pack (Qty: 1)
e. Emergen – C packets (Qty: 2)

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Package 5 – Shelter & Heat


a. Emergency Sleeping bag (Qty: 1)
b. Emergency blanket (Qty: 1)
c. Poncho (Qty: 1)
d. Lighter (Qty: 1)
e. Stormproof match box (Qty: 1)
f. Flint & scraper (Qty: 1)
g. Tinder (Qty: 2)
h. Mini Hot Packs (Qty: 1)

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Package 6 – Navigating & Signaling Tools


a. Compass + Carabiner (Qty: 1)
b. Flashlight with 5 features (Qty: 1)
c. AAA Batteries (Pack of 4, Qty: 1)
d. Glow Lights (Qty: 1)
e. Orange Trail Marker (Qty: 1)
f. Whistle (Qty: 1)
g. Signaling Mirror + Whistle (Qty: 1)

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Package 7 – Survival – Additional Items


a. Paracord 550 – 25ft (Includes 9 strands: 7 white, 1 red tinder, 1 fish line, Qty: 1)
b. Protective Eyewear Glasses (Qty: 1)
d. Tactical Knife (Includes glass breaker feature Qty: 1)
e. Rubber Gloves (Qty: 1 pair)
f. Re-usable Zip ties (Qty: 10)
g. Duct Tape (Qty: 1)
h. 11 in 1 multi-function Stainless Steel Credit Card Tool (Can opener, bottle opener,
saw blade, knife, ruler, screwdriver, small hexagon wrench, large hexagon wrench,
butterfly wrench, angle gauge, hang hole. Qty: 1)

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Basic First Aid, Wilderness and Natural Disaster Booklet


Informative go to book for Basic First Aid, Natural Disasters, Food for Survival, Wilderness Survival