The Superior Pack


  • Our top-rated, top-quality, over 300 piece (87 item) SUPERIOR Backpack to help prepare for up to 4 people.
  • Includes award winning emergency radio system with options to charge your mobile devices.
  • Up to 72 ounces of water provided in a can, with shelf life of 50 years!
  • The best water filter is provided in the pack that allows you to have 100,000 gallons of clean (drinkable) water!
  • Up to 5000kcals of food provided in each pack.
  • Equipped with N95 respiratory masks and an eyewear protective gear.
  • Multiple ways of navigating and sending signals for help.
  • Multiple ways of starting a fire and keeping warm.
  • The only emergency pack you’ll ever need.
  • Includes the Ultimate First Aid Pack inside.


Emergency Sleeping Bag: (Qty. 1)

Emergency Rescue Blanket:

1-2 person: Qty: 0

3 person: Qty: 1

4 person: Qty: 2

Poncho: (Qty. 1 per person)


Water: 72 ounces provided

Blue Water Cans:12 ounces each can. 50 years shelf life 

1 person: Qty: 2 cans

2 person: Qty: 4 cans

3 person: Qty: 6 cans

4 person: Qty: 6 cans (with discount on case)

Sawyer Water Filter: (Qty. 1) Includes (2) 1L (32 oz) squeeze pouches, inline adapters for hydration packs, gravity filter parts, straw, and all necessary cleaning devices. 3 – 4 person pack

Sawyer mini squeeze water filter (Qty. 1)Also includes (1) 16 oz water pouch, (1) straw, and (1) cleaning syringe. Provides 100,000 gallons of water! 1 – 2 person pack



Fire Starter/Heat:

Lighter: (Qty. 1)

Stormproof Matches box:(Qty. 1)

Flint + Scraper: (Qty. 1)


1-2 person: Qty: 2

3-4 person: Qty: 4

Hot Packs: (Qty. 1 per person)


Food: 4470kcals provided

Cinnamon or Coconut Flavor Food Block:(Qty. 1) 5 years shelf life 

Fruity Energy Bars: (For 3-4 person only. Qty. 2) 5 years shelf life 


Navigating/Signaling Tools: 

Running Snail Emergency Radio (Qty. 1): Includes micro USB cable and port devices such as for smart phones.

Compass + Carabiner:(Qty. 1)

Flashlight: (Qty. 1)

AAA Batteries: (Qty. 4)

Glow Lights:

1 person: Qty: 1

2-4 person: Qty: 2

Orange Trail Tape: (Qty. 1)

Whistle: (Qty. 1)

Signaling Mirror + Whistle: (Qty. 1)


Additional Items: 

Paracord 550: (Qty. 1) Includes 9 strands-7white, 1 red tinder, 1 fish line.

Protective Eyewear glasses (Qty. 1 per person)

N95 Respiratory Mask: (Qty. 1 per person)

Trash Bag (Qty. 1)

Duct Tape: (Qty. 1)

Tactical knife: (Qty. 1) Features glass breaker

Rubber Gloves: (Qty. 1pair)

Re-usable Cable Pieces/Zip Ties:

1-2 person: Qty: 5

3-4 person: Qty: 10

11 in 1 Multi-function Stainless Steel Credit Card Tool: (Qty. 1)

Can opener, bottle opener, saw blade, knife, ruler, screwdriver, small hexagon wrench, large hexagon wrench, butterfly wrench, angle gauge, hanghole

Notebook: (Qty. 1)

Pen: (Qty. 1)

Mini Playing Cards: (Qty. 1)

Ziploc Bag: (Qty. 3)

Basic First Aid, Wilderness and Natural Disaster Booklet (Qty. 1)


Ultimate First Aid Pack (Qty. 1)

(please visit ultimate first aid pack to view what’s inside there)

Additional Information

Black, Army Green, Sand

Food block

Cinnamon, Coconut


1 Person Pack, 2 Person Pack, 3 Person Pack, 4 Person Pack